Sinanju collaborates with Vopak Terminals Singapore to carry out inaugural
concurrent bunkering at Sebarok Terminal

[Singapore, 24 October 2017] 


Sinanju Marine Services (SMS), the bunkering arm of Sinanju Tankers Holdings has successfully delivered the first parcel of ship-to-ship bunker to an oil tanker. This is a landmark achievement observed at Vopak Terminal Singapore’s Sebarok Terminal as bunkering was carried out simultaneously while the oil tanker was receiving cargo fuel supplies.


This practice of concurrent bunkering of vessels while it is carrying out loading or discharge operations of fuel, is normally disallowed at oil terminals due to safety concerns.


Under current procedures, such oil tankers would be required to shift their vessel after terminal operations to a designated anchorage to receive bunker. This increases the length of stay in Singapore, incurring additional operating costs and occupying scarce anchorage space.


Desmond Chong, General Manager of SMS shared, “Safety is of utmost importance to us. We carried out very lengthy and thorough risk assessments with Vopak Terminals Singapore and other stakeholders before agreeing to this endeavour. We are delighted that Vopak entrusts Sinanju’s expertise to embark in concurrent bunkering and offer this practice as an enhanced service offering as part of our partnership.”




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