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Sinanju readies its fleet with mass flow meters for delivery of distillates
Successful tests leads way to a new dimension in multiple meter systems on board Singapore bunker tankers

[Singapore, 27 April 2018]   


Sinanju Tankers Holdings (“Sinanju”) announced today that its vessel “Marine Pamela”, Singapore’s first bunker tanker installed with two mass flow metering (MFM) systems for bunkering of distillates[1], has been successfully tested by the MFM Working Group[2].


“Marine Pamela” is a 4,765 dwt bunker tanker built in 2012 that has been fitted with a 4-inch meter and a 10-inch meter connected to their respective piping systems. This meter combination provides a wide range of pumping rates from as low as 14 metric tonnes/hour to 1000 metric tonnes/hour – to ensure stable and accurate measurements of low viscosity distillate fuels; accommodating to the delivery of small sized fuel parcels, to providing higher efficiency at faster pumping rates when receiving fuel at oil terminals.


This is in preparation for the 1 July 2019 implementation date on the mandatory use of MFMs for custody transfer of distillate fuels within Singapore port waters[3]. This move comes 2.5 years after it became compulsory for Singapore-based bunker tankers to use MFMs for delivery of marine fuel oils (MFO). Whether delivering marine distillate or residual fuels, custody transfer must be in compliance with the Technical Reference for mass flow meter bunkering (TR48:2015).


Mr. Desmond Chong, General Manager, Sinanju Tankers Holdings shared, “With the growing demand for low sulphur distillate fuels, Sinanju will be retrofitting more than half of our fleet of 13 bunker tankers. Some will have distillate MFMs alongside existing MFO MFMs, while other tankers may have different sized meters for distillates only. We aim to equip our vessels with a meter mix that will provide commercial flexibility and efficiency to meet the requirements of our ships’ charterers and the ships we bunker.


“Sinanju has been actively involved in an industry task group set up to deliberate on acceptance test procedures for distillate MFMs since 2017. We were faced with many technical challenges during the trials and we learnt that these MFMs are certainly not a simple replicate of existing MFO MFM systems. The task group members working alongside with us, in particular, Metcore International, Endress+Hauser and ExxonMobil provided their expertise in metrology, flow measurement and fuels technology. This helped pave the way towards imminent regulatory approval for “Marine Pamela” to operate two MFMs for bunker deliveries, thereby establishing a new dimension in managing multiple MFMs on board bunker tankers in Singapore,” he said.


Mr. Darrick Pang, Managing Director, Metcore International said, “Metcore was involved in the testing of distillate MFMs on two test vessels including “Marine Pamela” to develop industry recognised acceptance test procedures and accreditation of distillate MFMs for bunker tankers.  Having assisted over 70 bunker tankers obtain accreditation for their MFO MFM systems in Singapore and abroad, we drew on our experience in the integration of bunker tankers and meters as a complete system, with the aim of maintaining consistency and optimisation of fuel mass measurement performance.


“Our support in the design of the dual metering system for distillates on “Marine Pamela” provided us with a better understanding in the behavior of low viscosity fuel and aeration during operations which affects meter selection. Through the collaborative efforts of the team, we are delighted to achieve test results which are better than regulatory requirements,” he said.


Mr. Mohamed Abdenbi, Business Process Consultant, Endress+Hauser (S.E.A) said, “With the full support of Sinanju and the other 2 bunker tanker operators involved in the trials, Endress+Hauser’s 4-inch, 6-inch and 10-inch MFM systems for distillates were tested successfully. Along with this project, we are also delighted to showcase our new “dual line MFM system” on “Marine Pamela”. We are convinced it will help the bunkering industry meet the newly announced mandatory use of MPA-approved MFM systems for distillate delivery. Endress+Hauser is now ready to support the next phase of distillates MFM installations onboard bunker tankers and ensure that the MFM system can be easily integrated with the upcoming e-BDN project. We are committed in making this a success and will assist our customers meet the deadline.”


Mr. Chong concluded, “By switching over from tank sounding to mass flow meters for custody transfer of distillate fuels completes Singapore’s move to a more efficient, transparent and technologically-driven bunker delivery process. This is a significant milestone for the bunkering industry in Singapore.”

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[1] Distillates refer to fuel with Viscosity range of between 1 and 120 cSt @ 40° Celsius. These include Marine Gas Oil, Marine Diesel Oil, Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (0.1%) and Ultra Low Sulphur Oil that meets the 0.5% sulphur requirements

[2] the MFM Working Group is jointly initiated by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and Enterprise Singapore and consisting of members from Weights and Measure Office (WMO) of Enterprise Singapore, National Metrology Centre @ A*Star (NMC) and various stakeholders in the bunkering industry.


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