Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Sinanju has an established HSE commitment at all levels to the highest of standards.

Company level -

Operate responsibly and ethically, always complying with regulatory requirements.

Management level -

Commit to continuous improvement and proactive contribution to our HSE policy.

Individual level -

Foster a culture of personal responsibility and accountability.


Health and safety underpins everything we do at Sinanju.


We believe that a safe operation is a successful operation. Building a strong safety culture has always been the top of Sinanju’s agenda, as we work to deliver superior safety performances throughout our operations. We aim to achieve ZERO incidents and ZERO spills through the implementation of an effective Safety Management System (SMS) and through the compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code).


In furtherance of our health and workplace safety policy, Sinanju has appointed the Company Marine Manager as the Designated Person Ashore (DPA) responsible for the supervision and maintenance of the SMS. While the Company Security Officers (CSOs) will ensure compliance with the ISPS Code. Whenever Sinanju’s employees or contractor is at work, they are to observe this policy and work in accordance with the SMS and the ISPS Code.




Fulfilling our social responsibility to support a sustainable maritime system.


Sinanju is committed to caring for the health of our global environment. We believe that responsible environmental stewardship is good for business and that our innovativeness can play a role in addressing environmental challenges. In our mandate to reduce our carbon footprint, Sinanju has taken the first step in using LNG as a fuel for its latest newbuild bunker tanker.

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